Q & A'S 


How many visits will my dog need? And once my dog is doing better do we need to keep coming?

This is all good news! Dog Bowen Therapy works within just 3 sessions. We want to see improvement after each session, yet we really want to see great changes after 3!

The whole idea is to get your dog back on track and back to living the good life. As much as I want to spend time with your dog and with you, I know I am doing my job when I no longer see you guys...lol...but true.

Seriously though, once your dog has 3 initial visits, once a week for three weeks, we will reassess and create a plan to spread out the sessions as far apart as we can.

Ultimately you want to use Dog Bowen Therapy as a proactive, once in a while, maintenance plan.

Each visit is approximately 45 minutes long, and of course you stay with your dog. You play an important role at each session!

I love my dog, but unfortunately I do have to consider my budget. What is this going to cost me?

As noted above, the body responds quickly, making the results both clinically effective and cost effective.

The cost for each session is $50.

 Is Dog Bowen Therapy suited for my dog with hip dysplasia?

So many dogs ( young and not so young) deal with this condition. In fact hind end conditions including stifle injuries make up a big part of a dogs mobility issues. 

But Dog Bowen Therapy never looks at just the immediate condition. It looks at the whole body! After all, if your dog is living with a mobility issue (no matter what it is) the whole body is affected!

So to answer your question...YES...your dog will be greatly helped with Dog Bowen Therapy.

It's a very common condition around here!