Known for resolving the tough cases


When the Central Nervous System is addressed and muscles are released, the body begins to rebalance and heal.

The results of this unique therapy are regained Mobility - Energy - Health

Every time a dog comes through my doors a new journey begins. Each journey is completely unique, yet all leave me in awe as the body re-balances itself ...and a state of awe is a beautiful thing!

Degenerative Myelopathy DM can be greatly helped with Canine Bowen
Judy and Dexter share their results from a spinal cord injury.
I can honestly say that if Nellie didn't seek help from Debi at Canine Bowen Therapy, her life would have ended 3 years ago.


Veterinarian Recommended.
Dog Bowen Therapy works together with you and your dogs's Vet. to create optimal mobility health.

Cinnamon was born with a deformity in her right hind leg. See how Canine Bowen Therapy helped.

Also learn how to watch your dogs tail...hmmm...what does that mean?


Cody embraces all there is in life, in typical Labrador style ....go, go, go!

To truly see your dogs mobility issue you need to watch them when they are moving slow...


I was asked to  help 4 year old Meika with her tremors, stress and hot spots. Her physical body was very tight. She was under a great deal of stress and in a poor state of well-being. Meika was under vet care and on medication for her hot spots through out this process. Canine Bowen Therapy and vet. care work hand in hand and make the healing process not only complete, but enhance and support the body to bring maximum results of health and vitality.


Surgery is a frequently recommended solution for many knee injuries.. often without a clear diagnosis. 

Is surgery the solution? Sometimes, and sometimes not. Meet Kelsey...


After endless tests and pocketfuls of money $$$$ her caregiver had given up hope.

A friend discovered Canine Bowen and suggested he give it a try....he and Bouncer  traveled from Oakville for her therapy sessions.

As you have probably figured out by now, Dog Bowen Therapy gets tough cases!

Cloudy is a fabulous lead sled dog and travels from New York State to receive help for an unresolved stifle injury...

Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!!

You do unbelievable work and I could not ever imagine you could accomplish so much in two sessions alone.  In looking at the first video, I can see how much poor Cloudy struggled to even walk. The poor dog.  I never realized just how badly off he was.  I can never thank you enough for helping him the way you already have.


Cruiser the doberman came for a much needed solution to a debilitating coordination problem. Medication was not doing the trick and his symptoms were worsening. His caregiver found while searching for a Bowen Therapist for his own health needs.....he is thrilled that he took the step to come.


Loki had two surgeries on his left hind leg and one on his right hind leg, his mobility has been compromised since then. 

Here's something I'm sure you've never seen ...CH CATS! 

It's my pleasure to have the opportunity to team up with these unique cats.

In order to make changes in the mobility of these cats, Canine Bowen Therapy (or in this case Cat Bowen Therapy) needed to change the brain!

As a result of Bowen, each cat had noted improvement. Elliot (the most severe) not only became more stable in his mobility but showed a very welcomed change in his personality. He once lived only in one room and wanted nothing to do with the other cats. After several sessions Elliot wandered out into other ares of the home and actually sought out a few other cats to hang out with!

Pretty cool!


Right hip injury from a severe kick from another horse ...

Genetically cow hocked mini - gets improved mobility from Bowen Therapy

Jake is 9 years old and has lived his entire life with some mobility issues. Now that he is 9 years old his mobility is further compromised. Animal Vitality Plus has helped Jake regain better mobility, energy and health. It's never too late to give a dog new vitality! 


Four year old Merlot the Boxer has been "stuck" in an old knee injury for the past two years. In just three weeks, with three sessions, Merlot is "unstuck" and now moves in balance and with ease. 


German Shepherd with hind end weakness

Before 1st Session

Hind end tucked under
Weight shifted forward to compensate for hind end weakness
Muscle loss in back legs
Head held low
Coat is rough and dull
Mobility is 
german shephard with hind end weakness

After 3rd Session

Hind end no longer tucked under
Weight is now balanced evenly on front and hind legs
Muscle has returned in hind legs
Head is now held higher
Coat is smooth and shinier

Energy has increased and mobility is now much easier

german shephard helped with arthritis and hip dysplasia after visiting the canine mobilit clinic